About the Company

SALPESA was founded in 1984 and is a company with a large and extensive experience. We work in all facets of livestock and especially in animal health and feeding.

We work with and for veterinarians, breeders, integrators, cooperatives, traders and any industry professional.

Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive professional advice and monitoring focused to each customer, so we work and move forward to offer the best service and highest quality products, all with the sole purpose of raising the competitiveness of each of our customers, in order to obtain maximum profitability.

We use new technologies as part of a comprehensive technical support.

Our products are of natural origin (essential oils, plant extracts and organic acids) so do not require withdrawal periods and are intended as an alternative to the massive use of antibiotics, with the aim of achieving more sustainable production

We use synergies with national and international renowned companies that help us to create, develop and improve our products.

All our products are manufactured under international quality standards such as: